Web Based Project Management Software

Today there are quite a number of very useful Web Based Project management software that provide the function of project scheduling, progress review, collaboration, gantt chart, time tracking, file sharing, to-do list and etc. In fact a lot of these softwares do provide FREE personal version that you can sign up to use (with limited functions). Here are some of the more popular Web Based Project management software:


Basecamp is an elegant web-based project management software perfect for client or internal projects of all kinds with special focus to small businesses such as freelancers, designers, lawyers, publishers, teachers, manufacturers, charities and consultants. Basecamp differentiate themselves by focusing on the communication and collaboration of your project team because most project fails due to poor communication. It also provides all the basic project management functions such as scheduling, to-do lists, etc. You can try it free for 30 days or you can opt for the FREE personal version.


eProject is a great web–based project management software program. Because it’s browser–based, collaboration is especially easy and efficient. It offered a handful more collaboration features, including a discussion board/forum. On the other hand a few slight shortcomings in its project management features kept eProject Enterprise from being our top pick.

eProject Enterprise is very easy to use and navigate, though like most project management programs it will mostly likely take a while to familiarize yourself will all the available features and capabilities. eProject’s dashboard is highly customizable: place links and important information wherever you want. Using the dashboard’s intuitive interface it’s easy to manipulate data to give you the results you need. In fact, EWEEK named them a finalist in their excellence awards in the Enterprise Collaboration category for 2007.


AceProject is a toolbox that can help organizations to manage multiple projects within one single account. Each project can be structured in a unique way; this allows multiple types of projects to be managed differently, in a central place. Besides, projects can be copied or transformed into templates to be reused later.

You can test drive the system and see whether it suits your needs at its home page. If you like it, you may want to create your own FREE account there.


AgileTrack is another web based project management software designed to aid developers in following agile development methodologies. It provides story, task, defect, iteration, project, release, and time tracking in a simple, powerful interface. It can run on either window os or linux.

Vertabase Pro

Vertabase Pro is in the major leagues of web based project management software. Its highly customizable parameters and multiple well-thought out features make it a comprehensive online project management tool that is perfect for all organizations. It provides visibility for executives, team members and project management by making it easy to produce reports about any and all account parameters, from projects to time sheets to budget and users. What Vertabase adds to reports is exporting to Microsoft Excel format, a printer-friendly page AND a Gantt chart for every report or project portfolio, including cross-project and portfolio view reports. Users can even save their report parameters as templates, so they don’t need to re-select them again –then share them. Report display is also interesting, enabling users to hide irrelevant columns within 2-3 clicks, so they end up with a useful, usable report in seconds.

Vertabase project management software automatically creates individual to-do lists or Daily Task windows, a useful reminder of deliverables that permits multiple-item updating, a great time-saver for busy team members.