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This Online Project Management Training web is created to make project management something easy and fun to learn. “Complicated project management training” is the problem I faced going through most project management (PM) training. As a consultant, I am already overwhelmed with lots of project workloads and how do I have time to go though a long and tedious project management training. And even after I have gone through the training, the methods or analysis that I learned from the training are so complicated that I don’t even know how to start applying and don’t have the time to use them.

Online Project Management Training
Online Project Management Training

So I begin searching for some templates, forms, checklists, software which are easy to use and yet effective to help me successfully carry out my project. I spent lots of late night sleeps (which is normal for me who has just started my own consulting business) to search and learn the potential tools as well as read lots of project management related books. Then, I simplify them before trying each and every of them (almost all). šŸ˜‰

Finally I create a practical Project Management trainingĀ program based on my real experiences and taught it to a number of corporate people. The responses for the participants are really encouraging. By the way, I have also created a few business games for my training because I hate traditional lecturing type of training.


I love to do training but due to the nature of my business, I’m right now overwhelmed with projects to help organizations improving their business. Due to that, I’m now putting up my training and also the project management templates or forms that have helped me in my work over here to help others to learn and pick up the project management professional skills.

I will also share some of the project management software tips and what kind of project management softwares that are available in the market and where to get them.

All these training, templates, formsĀ and software tipsĀ will be available FREEĀ for any of you who want to improve your project management skills and knowledge. All I ask from you is to share your experience and maybe other tools that you have used and find them useful so that we can learn from each other.

So what is the purpose of this website? It would probably be a fun place for project managers that hate conventional and complicated project management ways. And let’s make this a platform for creating a fun, simple and yet effective methods and tools to help us manage our projects successfully.

All suggestions are welcome to make this website a better one.