How Do You Define A Successful Project?

Firstly, we must define clearly with all the stakeholders what a successful project is, before we even think of starting of your project. We must begin with an end in mind. There are 3 key areas that a project leader would take into considerations:

1. Project scope
2. Schedule
3. Budget

On the other hand, we would also like to understand why normally a project fails. Below are some of the common reasons why a project fails:

– no clarity of purpose
– no Sponsor or project champion
– lack of commitment to the project work
– unrealistic schedules, budgets and scopes
– no project management process in place
– no risk assessment or contingency planning
– over-flexible priority changes

With this in mind, we need the team to really define the 3 key important things that we mentioned above. After that, everyone in the team must commit not to fall into the mistakes that others do that causes their project to fail.


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