Project Management Life Cycle

Project Management Life Cycle is the process of managing a project from project definition til carry out the plan and complete the project. Overhere, we are going to use 4 phase of project life cycle process which are

1. Define – This phase starts when there is a project. Normally a project manager or leader is appointed and then project charter is raised. This phase is ended with all the project definition documents approved which means that all related parties have agreed on the goals, budget, schedule and scope.

2. Plan – After the project charter is approved, the project manager begins planning the project timeline, resources, budget in a very detail manner. Of course, a planning is always just a planning so the project management team must also anticipate any potential changes and what is the process to adopt these changes if they happen.

3. Implement – All the actions will be carried out in this phase and this normall takes up more than 75% of your whole project management life cycle. The implementation phase is completed when the project management team meets its goals.

4. Close – Closing is usually forgotten because the team will just skip stright to celebration after achieving its goals. However, closing phase even though after all the actions and you may ask why you and your team still need to do any closing where your team already achieve your goals. It is important because this phase will greatly help you in your future projects by document down the success and failures that you faced in your project so that you can model your success methods and avoid your failures.

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