Lesson One: Project Management Fundamentals and Its Importance

Importance of Project Management Fundamentals

Why is Project Management Important? Project management has become a very important factor in our job because in this highly competitive market, there are more and more new innovation or ideas that have to be converted into reality. With more and more changes and shrinking of product life spans, there is a need for more projects to be rolled out.

Organizations need people with the skills and effort to convert good ideas from board room charts to everyday reality; to do it within budget, and in a way that satisfies all of the stakeholders of the organization. Project Management is all about making things happen and is all about coordination. Effective Project Manager coordinates the planning, managing all the related resources, getting support and controlling the project budget.

This web based project management training course is specially created to share the key successful project management steps for both Project Mangers and the projects they work on. But remember that the most successful projects, no matter how difficult they may seem, are still run on basic, sound project management fundamentals and principles. And, good news is these fundamentals and principles are something that you CAN Learn and Master.

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